BBC – Littlehampton Fort Campaign

The BBC featured an article regarding the campaign to restore the Fort. Click on the image to see it full size.


A campaign has been launched to save a Victorian fort in West Sussex from further deterioration.

Littlehampton Fort was in built in 1854 as a defence against a French invasion but over the years it has been covered up by vegetation which grows around it.

Andy Orpin, project manager, said it would be a tragedy not to save the fort.

“A lot of the work is just clearance, the good news is a lot of the structures are in fantastic condition.”

The main aim of the restoration project is to clear the fort to prevent further damage and to maintain it once it is cleared.

But Mr Orpin would also like to develop the fort and secure it so that future generations can learn about its history.

“At the bottom of the scale is the clearance so people can make use of it and see what’s there,” he said.

“At the top end is rebuilding the barrack block and potentially bring it into a tourist type attraction – that is my dream.”

As well as hoping to attract volunteers to help clear the site, Mr Orpin is asking people to come forward with any information about the old fort and to share their personal stories of it.

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