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April 2014 –

1st – The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project Management Team would like to welcome Jeff Driver on the the Management Team. Jeff has a wealth of experience in many areas of expertise and will be a valuable asset to the team.

March 2014 –


We are looking to expand the Management Team and fill two new positions.
Experience not necessary. But must be keen, positive outlook and organised.

For further info, please email

22nd – Please help us by completing this short survey. Takes 60 seconds

18th –

We need your help!

We are running a Community and Family Fun Day on the 23rd August on Caffyns Field, Beach Road, Littlehampton.

We need helpers to help out with the event. IF you can spare us some time please contact Andy on email

Uploaded a very interesting document from Sussex Extensive Urban Survey (EUS) group, the Fort is mentioned quiet alot within the document and worth a read. Thanks to David Hampton from the Flashback Littlehampton Facebook page for finding this document.

February 2014 –

Date booked for Fort Community and Family Fun Day.. …..

Please support out Community Family Fun Day. August 23rd (bank holiday weekend) at Caffyns Field, Beach Road, Littlehampton

Stall holders and Volunteers needed for the day!

January 2014 –

8th – Essay on Operation Fabius Uploaded to our Research Document area. Thanks to Hilary our lead researcher for her work on this one.

December 2013 –

The Littlehampton Fort Management team warmly welcome Carine Harvey and Maddy Boone onto the team, and look forward to working with them during 2014

November 2013 –

18th – We were tonight invited to the Littlehampton Golf Club (land owners) to conduct a presentation on our proposal to them. We would like to firstly thank them for there kind invite and it was very nice to meet some of the members of the club and to listen to their concerns. A lot was covered during the evening, and hopefully some of the concerns the members have had, have now put their minds at rest.

Some of the key points which were raised, will be discussed further with the Golf Club board of directors at a future meeting, and this will ensure that everyone or the majortity are happy with the final proposal.

Thank you once again.

October 2013 –

The AGM for organised for this week has had to be cancelled due to ill health. A new date will be organised shortly.

July 2013 –

16th – Fire very close to the Fort today.

13th – New Fort Blog started

10th – Thanks to Littlehampton Town Council for awarding us a grant for £500.

May 2013 –

11th – Uploaded Site visits from last year and this year

9th – Dave Harris takes over as Fort Tresurer.

April 2013 –

5th – The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project would like to to thank Sam Boyd for all her help
with the setting up of the group during the last two years and all her support and help. Unfortunately

Sam has had to step down from the Management Team as treasurer due to personal commitments.

Sam you will be greatly missed by all of the team and wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank

you. Andy

We would like to welcome Dave Harris to the team who has agree to take over as the treasurer, and

this was voted on and agreed at a recent Management Team meeting. Welcome to Dave to the team

and we all looks forward to working with you on our project.

We are looking at the potential of organising a community event on August 17th this year. Post here is you think you would be in a position to help out in some capacity. I will be emailing volunteer members direct over the next week or so.

Do you have any new or unwanted gifts presents which we could utilise at our Community and Family Event on the 17th August 2013? Must be in good condition and wrapped or packed still?

25th – Off to meeting tonight with the new member of the Management Team and Bill Dalson

22nd – Cakies n Cupcakes who are supporters of the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project are at the Littlehampton Town Market this Saturday. Their cakes are amazing and well worth the money!
Pop down and give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

22nd – Am about to relook at our website, what’s your thoughts on how’s it’s looking now?

What would you like to see on there?

What doesn’t need to be on there?

Do you like the current design? If not how would you like to see it?

Keep in mind that I am a basic website design user and all self thought, so I’m not sure anything fancy would be an option….. But I’m open to all ideas etc?

I am looking for fundraising ideas for 2013?
Maybe you you know of some local event which may be worth doing?

Your thoughts? Add them to the facebook page or


I am looking to get some Hi Vis Vest printed up for the project. Anyone used any companies local and could give me an idea of prices etc and if any good.


Your thoughts? Add them to the facebook page or

February 2013 –

Fort website back up and running!

December 2012 –

6th – Document on Captain Thomas Fenwick uploaded to Research document area.

September 2012 –

16th – Littlehampton Fort Exhibition – have a look in the LFRP / Meetings and Events tab and then click ‘NEXT FORT EVENT’

August 2012 –

30th – It is with regret that we have got to cancel the Six Bells Fund Raisers Social Event, we didnt get enough people to commit to attending.
If you have paid for the ticket, please go back to the place where you purchased your ticket from, for a full refund.

21st – A unique opportunity is coming soon. Would you like to play a major part in forming the future of the Littlehampton Fort?

The Management Team Secretary (Volunteer) role is going to be available soon. If this is of interest to you, please email me for a job description

15th – The new ‘Fort Membership Scheme’ is nearly here. Watch this space

8th – The Research document area has now been redisigned, the new look makes the documents nice and clear to read etc.

New media article from ‘Caring for Sussex’ magazine Sep 2012

Rifle Range research document added to the the website.

July 2012 –

24th – BBC News Article added to the media section from Octo 2011.

20th – We are at West Beach Info Centre tomorrow for a Fund Raising and Info Event 10.00-15.00 (subject to weather). Fort Merchandise will be on sale at the event.

5th – Dont forget, this Saturday we will be at the All Saints Church Hall, Wick, Littlehampton from 12.00-15.00.

4th – Uploaded document on Edward Corney – One of the builders involved in Littlehampton Fort.

June 2012 –

16th – Uploaded ‘The East Beach Battery’ in the Research document area.

6th – Added pictures from both Fort Nelson trip and the Queen’s Jubilee.

May 2012 –

24th – Unfortunately we have had to take the decision to cancel the trip to Fort Amherst, this is due to the lack of interest and commitment.

All those who have committed to going, will be issued with a cheque to reimburse their money.

Its a real shame, but we just cant afford to run trips and have to end up funding them in order for them to go ahead.

18th – Uploaded PDF on Robert Bushby – A real interesting read. To read go to Research Documents.

8th – Changed to a new Fort Online Shop.

We still have places left for Fort Nelson visit this month, see the Events page for more info. Great day out for the family and open to all.

Uploaded “The story of Locke and Nesham” buliders of the Fort. See the Research Docs area

April 2012 –

14th – Sponsored Walk pictures uploaded on the events page. Was a great day enjoyed by all. Thanks to Donna Brown, Julie Brown, Dor, Bill Dalson, David and Mel Harris and Bella the Dog!

6th – Community Stall Event added to Meetings/Events/Previous Events.

2nd – Did you know Littlehampton is applying for the “Mary Portas £100k Town Regeneration Bid”. If successful, they would win £100k to invest in the town to regenerate it.

The town has already submitted its video to the first stage. In order t…o progress to the next stage, the You Tube Video has to achieve 1000 hits or LIKES.

If you want to help get Littlehampton through to the next stage, go to the following link, click on the LIKE button and thats it.

The Littlehamton Fort Restoration Project is happy to support this bid and encourages everyone to help, by clicking the link and LIKING the vid.

Do your bit to help our town.

1st – Added “Dangers of the River Arun” to the Research Documents area.

Added Littlehampton Gazette article on the Ferry, which menitons the Littlehampton Fort in the piece.

March 2012 –

24th – Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project is pleased to announce Littlehampton Ferry (Actionboat) as a sponsor for the Project. To contact Littlehampton Ferry or Actionboat see our sponsor page, page 4

23rd – Issue 3 of the Littlehampton Fort Newsletter has arrived.

Click to access Issue%203%20March%202011.pdf

17th – Places are quickly going for both the Fort Nelson visit and Fort Amherst. Reservation is on a first come first served basis and so if you want to come along, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

13th – Reservation forms for the trips to Fort Nelson and Amherst Fort are now downloadable on the events page. Download, print off and send in, with your payment to reserve your place.

8th – The Fort Visits to Fort Nelson and Amherst Fort have now been loaded with price. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

February 2012 –

26th – New Fort black Fleeces added to the shop. These are really good quality fleeces, lined zipped pockets, nice and thick. Support your Fort and purchase our Merchandise.

18th – The Henty Arms in Ferring in the latest supporter to join the list of local sponsors, supporting us in Saving Our Fort. They will soon appear on sponsor page. Thanks to them for their help and we look forward to joining them at their beer festival for a Recruitment and Infor event on the 29th July 2012.

We have now confirmed dates for the Amherst Fort and Fort Nelson visits. Check out the Meeting/Events Page.

14th – New Skills Form added to the Volunteers Forms page. If you are already a Volunteer, we are trying to identify who has what skills, please complete and email It will be send out via email with the next newsletter due the end of this month.

Essay on “Jose Weiss 1859-1919” has been added to the Research Documents. Well worth a read.

New Map of Littlehampton 1858 has been loaded onto the Research Pictures page.

11th – New Events posted on the Meeting/Events page! If you’re new to Littlehampton Fort, the event on the 12th March is for you! Spaces limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

6th – Fort Dinner – What a great event, very busy and lots of people. Take a look at the Meetings/Events page for photos and more info.

January 2012 –

29th – Fort Dinner Doors now closed. We now have reached our max. numbers for the dinner and so have had to close the doors. If you missed out on this one, dont worry, we will be running these again in the future. Keep an eye on the events page.

27th –

New “I SUPPORT THE FORT” silicone braclets are now here, in the website shop and at events. Only £1.50 each. Show your support and but Fort merchandise.

24th New Event Posters download page now exists under L.F.R.P – Meetings/Events – Event Posters

Newest posters are the Fort Visit to our sister Fort Shoreham and also a poster for the Sponsored Family Walk.

10th Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project would like to thank the”Dolphin Hotel” Ellie and her team, for stepping in and helping out the project with the Fort dinner and get togther which is happening on the 6th February 2012. Tickets are on sale for a few more weeks for Fort Volunteer members. If you havent got your ticket yet,

December 2011 –

23rd –

The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project Management Team, would like to thank …all the residents of Littlehampton and all the Volunteers and Suporters of the Project for all their help and support during 2011. We would hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
13th –

10th – Its here! The 2nd Edition of the Littlehampton Fort Newsletter. Check it out on the download page.

November 2011 –

23rd –

Uploaded Document by Hilary Greenwood “Kings Shilling: Life in army barracks 1855-1871.” on the History page

Uploaded Murder at the Fort Verdict on the Researchers Document page.

20th –

Results from the Littlehampton Gazette Poll

Is it worth preserving and restoring Littlehampton’s 19th century fort to boost the town’s tourism industry?

Yes 178 (98%)
No 4 (2%)
16th – We now have 50 people who have completed application forms to assist as Fort Volunteers or Friends of the Fort. My thanks to all who have assisted. Windmill Inn, New Inn, Littlehampton Town Council, and all the other organisations listed under our Sponsors section.

12th –

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Fort Volunteer Tony Taylor who sadly passed on the 28th October. The details of his funeral are to follow. He is a true loss to his family and friends but also to the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project. A page called “In memory of” has been created under the Volunteers sections to express our appreciation for all who volunteer for the project and have sadly passed on.

2nd – Grand Christmas Meat Raffle date annouced today. Sunday 11th December 2011 at 15.00.

October 2011 –

28th – New Media page created. Links here on you tube videos about Palmerston Forts/Newspaper Articles and Radio Interviews.

26th – ** Just had a radio interview with Splash FM, keep an ear out over the radio over today and the next couple of days. **

New Sponsor’s Page created under the Events Area. List of local businesses who are supporting the project, donating prizes for the Raffle on the 26th November at the New Inn. If your a local business and want to donate a prize/gift/voucher, please contact Bill

21st – Monday 24th October @ 07.20 I will be on the BBC Sussex live breakfast show

20th – Littlehampton Fort Restoration hits the Littlehampton Gazette headlines!

17th – Bill Dalson is the Research and Fund Raising Coordinator on the Management Team for the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project. He is in the process of setting up a Fund Raising Sub Committee. He needs help though, if you would like to be part of the sub committee, please email Bill direct Thank you.

16th – Web site stats counter. This has been changed to reflect page view’s, which truely reflects how busy the site is.

13th – Thank you to the 1st Donation made using the website of £50.00.

11th – You can now download the Littlehampton Fort Newsletter from the download page. To recieve you copy by email.

8th – A new “DONATE NOW” button has been added to the site, please can now donate direct to the projects bank account.

A really great first Jumble sale fund raiser. 93.00 raised…..

7th – Updated site visit page within the Gallery/Site Visit/Site Visit 6/10/11. I have put pictures and text explaining each of the pictures. Take a look, its amazing how easy this the clearance of the walls will be!

6th – Site Visit pictures which happened today, showing full height eastern carnot wall, remains of the magazines. See Gallery /Site Visit

5th – The Recruitment and info event on the 5th November will also include a Giant Meat Raffle, loads of prizes, £1 a ticket. The draw will take place on the 5th at 18.30. All proceeds to the project.

5th – The website has been updated and so you may need to reload pages to see the new aspect.

4th – New Donations form added to the download area. This allows people to make regular standing order donations in order to support the project.

September 2011 –

29th – New ‘Recruitment and Info Event’ Poster added to the download area.


“Barbarous Murder in Sussex By a Royal Artilleryman” May 11 1872.

– Find out more goto Research Area and then Reserach Documents

The 1st issue of the “Littlehampton Fort Newsletter” is going to be emailed over the next couple of days. To get your copy, please drop me an email saying “Please add me to the Newsletter distribution list”. Make sure you get yours and keep upto date with the Fort progess.

New event taken place on the 5th November – check out the Events page!

Two new newspaper articles, and two pictures of a model of the fort added to the Gallery/Research page.

22nd – In just Four months, over 1000 people have visited the Littlehampton Fort website, this is amazing! Thank you to all for your continued support.

20th – A new ‘Fort Fund Raising Page’ has been created under the ‘Events’ area.

New Friends of West Beach Events for September and October have been added to the ‘Events’ area.

17th – A new ‘Researchers Upload Log’ has been created within the Researchers Area. This is to log when new pictures are uploaded, there is also a direct link to the Researchers Picture Gallery and a link to upload pictures via email.

2nd – Littlehampton Fort will be attending Gary Baines talk tonight at Shoreham about Littlehampton and Shoreham Fort’s. If your interested in going, please see Shoreham Forts Facebook page.

August 2011 –

30th – Littlehampton Fort attended the 2nd meeting of the ‘Friends of West Beach’ – See the BLOG section for more info.

27th – A new “Researchers Area” has now been constructed. This is where the Littlehampton Fort Researchers can upload the information they find out for all the other Researchers to see. Check it out!

21st – A Fort jumble sale is going to go ahead on the 8th October 2011, all funds raised will be donated to the Fort Restoration Project. See the ‘Blog’ for further details.

13th – Check out the BLOG for the update on last nights great launch night for the project. Over 600 people have visited this web site which is fantastic and just shows the amount of support out there.

3rd – Littlehampton Fort is proud to announce it has joined up in partnership with Sussex Police and the UK Border Agency as a Project Kraken site. To find out more about Project Kraken, please click the logo or goto the Links page and then Sussex Police – Operation Kraken ‘Protecting the Waters of Sussex’.

3rd – New Events page for ‘Friends of West Beach’ See Events tab.

July 2011 –

30th – New Launch event posteravailable to download – goto ‘The Team’ and then ‘Download’ area. Please feel free to display the poster. Thank you.

15th – If you want to receive the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project Newsletter via email, please email me your email address Issue 1 coming very soon.

15th – Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project launch evening announced. Limited spaces so reserve your place soon. See blog for details.

12th – Appeal for information. Local knowledge required of Climping/Littlehampton. See the Blog Section for more details

12th – Over 400 people have visited the website since the 23rd May 2011, which is great. Support you local Fort and tell your friends to visit the site.

11th – Check out the ‘Blog’ for a report of the meeting with the newly formed ‘Friends of West Beach’.

11th – The Friends of West Beach are having a launch meeting this evening at 18:30 in the cafe on West Beach. All are welcome who have an interest in the dunes and West Beach. Littlehampton Fort will also be there.

4th – NEW facebook page dedicated to the Littlehamptno Fort Restoration Project. This will be a way to communicate with key people involved in the restoration work at the Fort. Dont forget to ‘LIKE’ it.

4th – In the next 4-6 weeks, look out for details for the official launch of the ‘Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project’. See the ‘Blog’ section for more details.

1st – Littlehampton’s sister Fort Shoreham, was the target of thieves recently when a store containing generators and a mini digger was broken into and stolen. If you hear of anyone trying to sell items like these please contact Shoreham Fort (Gary Baines).


June 2011 –

17th – Appeal for help to locate a local man. See the Blog Section for more details

17th – Over 300 people have visited the website since the 23rd May 2011, which is great. Support you local Fort and tell your friends to visit the site.

15th – New CAD drawings added to the Gallery – CAD folder and also a couple of old Pictures added. Check out the Blog, some research help required.

11th – To view this website, it is best to use Internet Exployer or Opera. Google Chrome does not display the site at the correct dimensions for some reason.

5th – Over 200 people have visited the website since the 23rd May 2011, which is great. Support you local Fort and tell your friends to visit the site.

1st – New Download area created under the Supporters Tab – to download current posters and leaflets


17th May – This is the new look website. What do you think? Any thoughts suggestions please let me know.


Blog updated and new CAD drawings


New CAD Drawings of the Fort now in the Gallery.


The land owners are having their board meeting tonight, hopefully the future of the fort will be known soon.


Littlehampton Fort is now on Twitter, please suport the fort and follow us.


Website/Progress Update 18th March 2011
NEW Guest book constructed on the site, updated and improved Forum and new front page counter.

The Future Development Plan report has been sent to the land owners, there is a board meeting at the end of this month and so we may have an answer. FINGERS CROSSED!


9th March 2011

Check out the BLOG section, quick update about the survey findings, and the GALLERY for the pictures


7th March 2011

NEW survey pictures – take a look at the amazing Shell Recess Found Yesterday at the site. The survey findings to be uploaded soon. WATCH THIS SPACE>


5th March 2011

Two New Pictures of the old fort added to the gallery. They are amazing, especially the Eastern view of the Barrack block.


4th March 2011

Website Updates

* Two new galleries created.

Fort Surroundings – great pictures of the forts surrounding area.

Pictures 2011 – Recent Pictures taken this year

* Blog Update from the meeting with Littlehampton Town Council


2nd March 2011

Volunteering Opportunities

Got some spare time and want to put it to good use?

I will be needing people to help in all sorts of areas. Various roles available. If interested please contact me through the link below

Click on the contacts tab to find out about becoming a Fort Volunteer/helper

Fort Dinner – FULL. Doors now closed

I am going to have to close the doors on the Fort get together dinner on the 6th February, we now have 37 people coming to the event and any more will make it too full etc.
If you missed this one, we will run these again in the future, so keep your eyes on the events pages.

See you there all those who got in and reserved a place in time.

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