We need your Help!

We need to buy nearly a huge amount of wood and bits, to make up our reptile fencing this month. In total we will need about 500 metres of roofing baton type wood!
I am after your help and knowledge to help us source the best prices for what we need. Heres out shopping list for materials for the job.
96 x 32 x 32 x 1200mm high Stakes
1 x Large box Galvanised clout nails and polypropylene washers
1 x Large box of 50mm screws
1 x Heavy duty stapler plus staples
1 x Post Hole Digger
1 x Post Rammer
3 x Spear and Jackson Predator Hardpoint wood Saw 22″ or similar
1 x Electric CORDLESS Screwdriver (High power and good battery)
1 x Screwdriver bits for above Screwdriver
One being donated – 1 x Saw Horse or workmate type product
100m of CLEAR POLYTHENE SHEETING 250 MICRON / 1000 GAUGE 1 metre tall.
Donated by Martin – Loppers
Donated by Terry – Wheelbarrow
Any thoughts or ideas please let us know.

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