Littlehampton Fort 1st Induction and Working Day!

Our first Fort Volunteer induction training session is all booked for Sunday, 7th April, meet at 12:45 in the Littlehampton Golf Club car park.

The induction training session will be held at the premises of our partnership business, Littlehampton Golf Club.

If you want to become a Fort Volunteer, you will need to attend a Fort Training session. Let me know if you would like to come and attend the training session, as spaces are limited.

Sunday 7th April 13:00-14:00 Fort Induction.

Then we have the first Fort working day, 14:00-18:00, meeting at the Littlehampton Yacht Club.

We urgently need you to join us to help us restore our heritage and preserve the future. Why not get in touch and see what it can do for you? You do NOT need to have any previous experience as full training will be given. Anyone can join and do their part.

And most of all, it’s fun!

Please visit our website at or call us on 07918 593578

LFRP – Preserving our history, Building our future!

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