Help & FAQ’s

Here you will find our section of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the information that you’re looking for here, you can try the forum, or contact us.

How do I pay my membership via this website?
On most pages you will see a yellow PayPal donate button on the right-hand side. Click the button and you can pay via PayPal either with your PayPal account, or with your credit or debit cards.
Why can I not access parts of your website?
Certain parts of the website are for members only. Access to these areas are just one of the perks of being a member. You can find the memberships form by clicking here.
I really want to help with this project, how can i find out more information?
If you visit the Forms section of the site, you can either register your interest online or download the forms. You can find the  form by clicking here. 
I am not able to help out physically on the Fort restoration project, but would like to make a donation to help? How do i do that?
You can make donations in various areas of the website.  Here’s the direct link.You can donate by clicking this link. 




The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project

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