Our Sponsors

Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project would like to thank the local companies below, who have been fantastic, by donating prizes, and supporting the project. If you would like to support us in some way then please get in touch.

Our thanks go to the following local organisations who kindly donated prizes for the 2019 Town Show.

British Airways I360 Brighton

Brighton’s Best Views

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

Front Page

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Aldingbourne Country Centre


Harbour Park Littlehampton


The Body Shop HQ Littlehampton



Delta Aerial Photography


Our thanks to Dan at Delta Photography for the amazing pictures of the Fort taken the 14th August 2016

Website: http://www.air-delta-photography.com/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeltaAirPhotography

Crimson Craft

We provide music and sound services for visual media productions. Our project-tailored soundtracks can give your ideas an impact and integrity that you just can’t get from pre-made tracks, and outstanding audio production can provide depth and character that gets noticed and remembered. We love getting involved with interesting projects and are passionate about bringing great music and quality audio to our clients.

Sloane and Brown Ltd

Whether you are looking for someone to deal with a loft conversion, an individual new house, the renovation and refurbishment of an existing building, or other construction work we would be very happy to help and are able to tailor our service to suit the specific requirements of each client.

We adopt a sensitive, thorough, practical and carefully considered approach to design proposals and are able to provide a personal, attentive service to clients. We are very familiar with working on listed and historic buildings, and also sites within Conservation Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks.


Littlehampton Yacht Club

LYC_logo (1)

Welcome to Littlehampton Yacht Club.  We are a small yacht and motor boat club on the River Arun in West Sussex. Conveniently located between Portsmouth and Brighton, you can reach our berths easily by car and rail. Our Club offers moorings for up to 100 vessels of all sizes with hardstanding storage for up to 40 vessels.

New members are welcome.

Join and take advantage of these great facilities:

•Moorings for 100 yacht and motor boats – with more proposed

•Hardstanding storage for boats and trailers

•Clubhouse with free WIFI access, decking and lawn

•Free parking from £50 social membership per calendar year.

•Just 60 miles/90 minutes drive from London

    1. 45 minutes by sea from the Solent and Isle Of Wight

    1. New ferry started crossing the River Arun

    1. CCTV security

  1. Undercover workshop for winter work on boats.


Biffa Municiple Limited

Harwood Road, Littlehampton

Arun Security Centre

arun security centre 1

We have pleasure in announcing Arun Security Centre,  as our newest local company sponsor to support the project.  Our thanks to Paul and Metro for their help and generous donation.

Arun Security Centre offers an expert locksmith service 24 hours a a day for both domestic and commercial customers.

If you find yourself locked out at any time of day or night then call us and we will be able to help you gain entry to your property.

Arun Security have a shop in Beach Road, Littlehampton offering key cutting and with a variety of safes, locks and security systems on display.

We will provide a high quality, professional, personal service, which we will guarantee and we do cover all parts of East and West Sussex and surrounding areas.

You have just moved into your new home and everything seems wonderful, however, have you ever wondered who else may have a key?

In today’s world where crime seems to be becoming ever more common place and brazen, should we really leave anything to chance?

Arun Security centre are an experienced and long established business and over the years we have advocated that a new home owner should make the changing of all locks one of the first tasks they undertake.

The cost of changing locks is extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the alternative, which cannot only be expensive, but it will also be very traumatic for all the family.

At Arun Security Centre we have a wide range of other products and services on offer, such as, a full range or ironmongery, keys cut to pattern, and where locks are concerned, not only do we offer a full fitting service, but we also offer a repair service as well.

If you would like somewhere secure to keep your valuables, we will supply and fit the appropriate safe for your needs.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience as locksmiths to satisfy all of your requirements, so please do not take chances and get your locks replaced on your new home as soon as you move in.

Peace of mind is much better than taking a risk. We are available 24hrs. If you need any further advice, please call 01903-734488.


Paul Rambridge

arun security centre 2

Wick Village Traders Association

Wick Village Traders Association was set up in 2007, initially to form a partnership with Littlehampton Town Council to fund Christmas lighting in the Wick Shopping area, and to address the many issues facing local businesses.


Chranen Photography


Chranen Photography, what can I say, its community minded photography helping where I can to help others! View some of my shots in high resolution here =http://www.flickr.com/photos/chranen/8170197576/in/photostream/lightbox/

I would love to be one of the photographers who took a “that shot” epic photograph, ie the one of the workers on the empire state building, a photo that helps to define a generation, its a very grand mission agreed but hey whats the point in aiming for mediocrity?


For the past two years I have been shooting pretty much any event I could get my hands on, trying to get my level to where I can consider myself a competant photographer, after having some of my work published and receiving some very positive feedback I have decided to take my hobby to the next level.

As I am only just taking my photography to the next level I am afraid I do not possess the equipment necessary to be able to accept some jobs, please bare this in mind when messaging me.

General information

My name is Chris and I live in Littlehampton with my son Charlie-joe, we have lived here for 2 years moving here from Rustington, I have always had a passion for photography and am mostly self taught.

Owls about Town

Owls about town banner

Quietly tucked away in East Preston you will find Tango and his friends at home in their very own corner of the West Sussex countryside. We have a lovely ‘Parliament’ of Owls, from the largest Eagle Owls to the smaller Little Owl. Some of our birds have been re homed to us for all kinds of reasons and some have been hand reared and trained by ourselves. We are exceptionally passionate about our birds and their care and welfare is of the greatest importance to us. We offer opportunities to hold, fly and be up close and personal with some of the most majestic creatures in the world. Owls about Town was founded to educate and inform both children and adults about our birds. By offering instructional visits to schools, groups and individuals, we aim to increase the awareness of these beautiful creatures and actively encourage and promote their protection and conservation as well as create an opportunity where the public can experience close contact with our birds


VolkerStevin Ltd

VolkerStevin Ltd have been involved in the flood protection works currently going on along the river Arun.  They have been very generous in donating tools, equipment and support towards the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project.

The Dolphin Hotel

As you step inside this historic building, it as if you are stepping back in time. There is no jukebox and most of our music is from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. There is a wonderful sense of “home” when you walk through the doors and the atmosphere, the simple decor and the courteous service will remind you of a bygone era. In fact visitors and regulars alike have gathered around a drink at The Dolphin for near on 300 years.

Come in and be part of our history.

Take time to peruse their amazing memorabilia areas, go back in time with Elvis Presley, The fated Titanic and WW1 and WW2. Not only will you step back in time at The Dolphin but you may well also have contact with their resident ghosts…

Look & Sea!

The newly refreshed Littlehampton Heritage Exhibition is now focused on the history of the river, harbour and seaside of Littlehampton.

There are many interactive exhibits for children and adults alike. See the River Arun and its bridges depicted along the stairwell. View the RNLI films showing rescues at sea and discover artefacts from the many shipwrecks off the coast. Learn about the development of the town and harbour from the Tudor period right up to date. Finally visit the viewing tower and enjoy the spectacular 360° view from Goodwood to Highdown and across the harbour and beyond.

Butlins – Bognor Regis

This traditional seaside town is officially one of Britain’s sunniest locations. The South Downs have just been awarded National Park status, and Butlins is on Bognor Regis’s award-winning beach, just two minutes from the town centre. Close to some of the UK’s top heritage sites, it’s ideally located for day trips too. Whether you’re after sporting adventure, a chilled-out break or some family fun, Bognor Regis has it all.

The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project

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