We are looking for Volunteers

We are currently looking to increase our Fort volunteer list, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in working on this local historic structure.

Fort Volunteers who will be undertaking the actual clearance and conversation work on the Fort.

Fort Volunteers will need to complete an application form (link below “FORMS) and induction training session prior to working on the fort. Dates can be found on the link below “GET INVOLVED”

Fort Support Volunteers this role is for people who maybe cant get involved in the manual work but still would like to help the project. Things which you assist with;

Admin support

Fund Raising

Tool repair and servicing

Reports and Research – writing reports and logs and or research into historical information.

Fund Raising Manager this role will be focusing on finding and applying for funding to support the cost of the project and repairs at the fort.

If you are interested in the Fort Support Volunteer role please just complete the applciation form online.

For Fort Volunteers please complete the application form and also drop me an email to book yourself into the next induction andy@littlehamptonfort.co.uk

For the Fort Fund Raising Manager role, please send your CV and covering letter to the email address above.

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