1st working day 2021! 17th July 2021

I really didn’t know what to expect returning to the Fort. Its been so long since we have been able to conduct working days, what would we find?

The main heras gate, was broken in half, so we will need to sort that out soon and replace with another panel!

I made a start on brush cutting the entrance and walk way down to the Eastern Bastion, however, we have a problem… The brush cutter seems to stop turning when it comes under medium thickness vegetation, so this is going to be a slow job…. Bruch cutter has only just been serviced and so will have to go back again, more money we don’t have. Our bank funds are starting to get very low and so this isn’t an expense we will appreciate at all.

On a separate subject, if you have any fund raising ideas, or are aware of anyone looking to give money away please let me know. I’ve got John Howards on the case of looking into grant opportunities but we are always open to ideas. Any ideas email me andy@littlehamptonfort.co.uk

Back to the subject in hand…. managed to get the walkway and around the bastion cleared of vegetation, it took twice as long but at least’s it a start.

The priority now is to clear what’s regrown, remove the ivy regrowth on the Carnot walls, seek funding to conserve what have uncovered, and also buy new tools for the volunteers. We will be making a start on clearing the parade ground over the next two quarters.


1 Clear the regrow

2 Remove Ivy from Carnot Walls

3 Seek funding opportunities for replacement tools, maybe but hopefully not a replacement brush cutter

4 Seek funding opportunities for conservation works

5 Seek funding opportunities for running costs of the Charity

6 Clear the Parade Ground

7 Recruitment drive for more volunteers – see events page on FB

8 Training for exiting 1-2 volunteers to make them Day Supervisors so we can run more working days

Andy Orpin – Chairman and Project Manager

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